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Welcome to Conviction!! We are currently a US-Sen'Jin based guild with our 5 year anniversary approaching! A little about conviction: Conviction was originally formed as a Horde guild called FrEaKz Of NaTuRe and we were located on Oceanic-Nagrand. After years of friends coming and going and unsuccessful attempts at raiding we decided it was time for a change and Conviction was born. But the guild name change wasn't enough - so we went searching for a new home. Suddenly we found ourselves on Sen'Jin and the laid back attitude was enough to cause us to bite. So now we're here with all of you guys, some new and some old, enjoying our new found home and friends. Conviction is a social, mature, friendly, semi raiding Guild (Wow! That's a long description!!). We're looking for classes of all levels to join in on our fun! Whether old or new we venture across Azeroth together and our unique bond is what makes us so great. Whether you're already a member or new and looking - Conviction will always be here to lend a helping hand. I hope you enjoy our site and feel free to drop in on Sen'Jin and say Hello!!!

Your Semi-Cool Co-GM,

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Guild Ironman Challenge - Win a Skygolem Mount!!!

by Bearlyfazed, 268 days ago

Stay tuned!!

More Details Coming Soon!!

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